Optimum Classic Championships

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N.W. Louisiana's largest bodybuilding competition.

Foods For Life - The All Natural Cure

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Help your body heal itself. See a list of healthy foods that fight disease naturally.

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Fit For Life Weekend

 Fit For Life is a non-profit organization in Shreveport Louisiana that's dedicated to improving the health, fitness and wellness of all Americans; especially those in the Ark-La-Tex community. Given the magnitude of the health and fitness problems facing Americans today, particularly children, it is imperative that more high-level, consistent emphasis be placed on improving the health and fitness of our citizens.

Fit For Life is active weekly in the community educating people about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of healthy living. You can find us at schools, and community events around the Ark-La-Tex. You can hear Super-Mann and his wife Richelle every Saturday morning at 10A on ESPN radio where they host the Fit For Life radio show.

Held yearly in Shreveport, Louisiana the Fit For Life Weekend has thousands of athletes, national competitions and awards, and is a family friendly event for everyone. Especially athletes and those in the fitness community.  It's purpose is to help promote fitness and health to the community of Shreveport and Bossier City.

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Email:  bfitforlife@aol.com

Address:  600 Common Street, Shreveport, LA 71101

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